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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Charcoal trick on the Weber

I've picked up a new trick for steaks, based on my Dad's Big Green Egg. The science behind that one is the charcoal is used more like an oven, where you're going more for temp regulation that flame. When you are done grilling, you close off the vents, top and bottom, thus cutting off the oxygen and the charcoal goes out. When you want to grill again, you shake the charcoal in the grill, causing the small bits and ash to fall to the bottom, add some to the leftover charcoal if needed, then light up again.

I noticed when grilling 2-6 steaks on the Weber, I only use it for about 10 minutes (I like medium rare) and it seems like I'm lighting a whole bunch just to reach a high temp, but then don't get the full burn like you do with smoking. So... I decided to cut off the air supply by closing the top and bottom vents- IT WORKED! The fire went out and left me with about half of my original amount.

The next time I grilled, I lit a little less charcoal and dumped it on the leftover charcoal (a la Minion Method- see T-Bone post last year). Not only did I use less charcoal, but it raised the level of the charcoal, getting it closer to the meat. I had huge flames kissing my rib-eyes (no, that is not a dirty statement- I was cooking rib eyes). They truly came out restaurant style. And I still had plenty of heat to cook them indirectly for those that liked them medium. I even got "killer grill marks" like Raichlen.

I'm sure it works on other styles of grills, but what will be painful for Andy is that it would prevent him from cleaning his grill between uses. Not that you Cheeseheads have been able to grill lately.

For those considering a trip down South, it is shaping up for my class to occur on April 12, and I could use some help- I'll keep you posted.
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