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Sunday, August 02, 2009

Smoke over the water

I've been meaning to post for a week or so...(apologies for the lack of photos). Last week we finally had a housewarming/welcome to the world party, and so we introduced a few more Brits to the joys of smoky meat.

As ever the shoulders were done the weekend before (in the rain) and the ribs on the day. I was busy cooking as everything was being dished up, so didn't get chance to taste anything first. Then a couple of people mentioned that the spice level in the ribs was enough to get them a health and safety warning - odd I thought, maybe they just don't like the flavour. Anyway, then I tried them and I have to admit they were pretty hot - either I overestimated the cayenne in the rub, or (more likely) the chilli powder we found in an Asian supermarket was significantly hotter than Peace Climb! Oops :-)

Apart from that, everything went down well with a variety of sauces (thanks to Bobbledog Bob for helping out with a couple) and the famous 'PowerPoint Presentation' printed out and laminated to lend an air of authenticity.

Perhaps one of the most exciting things though was finding out one of our neighbours is a barbecue enthusiast too. We had noticed the chimneys going up in his garage, and after years of being disappointed by the summer, he now barbecues indoors. I've yet to see his set up, but if the chimneys are anything to go by (and the smell that comes from them) it's pretty good. I think he was pleasantly surprised by the lack of burnt burgers and sausages at an English barbecue. Towards the end of the evening he came over and said "I don't want to over analyse this, but, what kind of charcoal are you using?" I never thought this would be a conversation I had over here.

A great night all in all, and we have enough booze left over for another sometime.....
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