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Monday, September 01, 2008

Labor Day Brisket

I've had this 10 lb. brisket sitting in my freezer for a few months now and with my bundle of joy arriving in less than 3 weeks, I figured I better get smokin' as I probably won't have much time in the coming months.

I prepped it with the standard Millionaire Brisket recipe from Raichlen and kept it in the fridge overnight. I got a late start on it the next morning. It didnt hit the smoker until 9:30AM. Estimating 1 hour per pound, that would put me at 7:30pm. So the plan was that it would be dinner for Tuesday night.

I inserted my digital termometer into the massive hunk of meat (could that sound any more erotic?) and watched the temps climb. By 2pm it had reached its' plateau of 160 degrees. I figured it would sit there for a few hours before moving forward. At 3:30pm it was up to 173 degrees. I wrapped it in foil and at 4:30pm I pulled it off at 186 degrees. Still wrapped in foil, I wrapped it in a blanket and put it in the cooler for an hour. I sliced it at 5:30pm and we had a great Labor Day dinner.

It was a bit dryer than the last brisket I made but still very delicious. I was very surpised at the time it took, 8 hours compared to the estimated 10+. There was enough for us to have dinner, samples for my my co-workers and two vacuum seal packs for two future dinners.

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