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Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Bunzel's Loin Ribs

This past weekend, I visited my folks in Indiana to celebrate my mom's birthday. She mentioned that if I cared to make some ribs, she would be happy to eat them. Under normal circumstances, I would have stopped at the Slinger Piggly Wiggly. They have a great selection of babyback ribs that are meatier than most I've encountered. But the last minute request meant I would not have enough time to both defrost and rub the ribs for as long as I like. I decided to try Bunzel's on the fly last Friday.

It so happens that the owner's brother, Bill, coaches my daughter's soccer team in Hartford. Over lunch, Rachel and I stopped by and were greeted warmly by the staff. When I mentioned Bill, his brother immediately came over and shook my hand. I talked up the Great Joe-Be-Wan and he said, "What a great customer."

Anyway, Rachel and I asked for some babyback ribs and the butcher pulled out the meatiest loin ribs I'd ever seen. I got 4 neatly trimmed monster racks that I smoked in pecan and cherry wood early Sat morning before the drive down. After a 2 hr and 15 min smoke, I packed them in roasting pans and put them in a cooler. When I got there, I warmed them in the oven and sauced them before slicing and serving them. They were a huge hit (along with T-Bone's Potato Salad). To a person, everyone who ate them said "Oh my god. These are the meatiest ribs I've ever had!"

Whenever I need a great cut of meat for a special occasion, Bunzel's will be the place I go.

My niece graduates from college in May. She put in an order for a pulled pork family meal. Looks like I'm smokin' every weekend in April.
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