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Monday, December 31, 2007

Wilber's BBQ

For those followers of Peace, Love, and BBQ (PLB), I decided to visit one of the shrines. We were heading to the NC coast after Christmas to visit family, so we went about 45 minutes out of our way to visit Wilbers BBQ in Goldsboro, NC.

This place was the real deal. It was in an old, brick ranch house, but held a lot of people. The first good sign were all the trucks in the parking lot. I got a bbq plate- classic eastern style, but they served meat from the whole hog. They smoke 1/2 a hog at a time and take meat from all over. It was awesome- there was definitely something different about it. Not fatty at all, and like most NC bbq, it had bits of the "cracklin'" in it (skin for you yankees). Small amount of spice, but not too hot- just good, smokey pork flavor.

Andy- you would love it- even though it was vinegar based, you didn't taste it- it was all about the meat. Kristen wouldn't put sauce on it- plus, the sauce on the table had funky things floating in it.

To round it out, they had pitchers of sweet tea on the table, mayo-based cole slaw, and red checker tablecloths. We even saw Wilber himself.

Instead of smokers, they had smoke houses- a small brick building with a huge pile of oak beside it. They were burning some beside the house making coals, and I think they threw whole logs on top of that.

So for all the NC joints listed in PLB, I can check another off. For those reading along, cross of Mitchell's bbq- he went to jail, but just got out and went to work for another place in Raleigh.

p.s. It got up to 70 degrees here over the weekend.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

JED's Rub

After getting multiple requests for the recipe for Jed's rub, I thought I'd post it. It is for general use on pork, but friends have reported it goes well on chicken and even beef. I just got another shipment of 13 cups from the Spice House in Tosa- cost about $43 for the 13 cups, which should last a while.

3 cups kosher salt
2 cups Peace Climb Chili Powder
1 cup hungarian sweet paprika
1/2 cup each of the following:
Coarse black pepper
Mustard powder (regular)
White sugar (brown sugar will cake)
Granulated onion
Granulated garlic
Hickory Salt
1/4 cup Cayenne (optional)

This is slightly changed from Ed and mine orignial, but I like this better. Mix well and enjoy.
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